William L Reibstein

This service offers a permanent unpublishing of this linked record and its accompanying mugshot (displayed to the right, if any) from the website, from the index pages of the website, and from the search pages of the website.

Upon your payment clearing, the unpublishing process will immediately begin. All information pertaining to this particular arrest/booking will no longer appear on within 48 hours of a cleared payment.

The Premium Unpublishing Service provides the unpublishing of the mugshot (if any) and its associated record from -- this information will no longer appear on itself. Various search engines unassociated with may maintain a publically available cache of this information. To hasten the removal of this information, a removal request for the cached data will be submitted to Google.

For more information, including our return policy, please see our terms and conditions. reserves the right to republish information associated with a record if funds rendered to are returned to the purchaser in any way, including but not limited to refunds and "chargebacks". reserves the right to refuse a unpublishing request for any reason; in this case, payment will be refunded within 48 hours.

This payment is for the unpublishing of this particular arrest/booking only.

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